About Orange County Choppers Café

Motorcycles are common, but Orange County Choppers are unique. Food is common, but Orange County Choppers Café takes the ordinary to unprecedented levels! The result is a meal, and it's an experience that exceeds your expectations for food, flavors, and fun! 

Do something different. Come, sit down for a meal with the stars of Orange County Choppers.

It Starts With Senior

Paul, Sr. loves building choppers - It's why he got in the business, but not why he's successful. His success stems from his creative and innovative designs and commitment to the smallest detail. Paul, Sr.'s drive is the motor for all things OCC, and his passion is the fuel that burns white-hot to keep the brand performing at maximum capacity!
Inside Orange County Choppers Café

We Only Hire the Best People

Our employees are the not-so-secret to our success! Throughout our expansion, they have embraced the OCC brand and trusted Paul, Sr.'s direction, to produce a destination for dining and entertainment. Without our employees, Orange County Choppers Café would have gone the way of Roy Rogers, with a promising concept that said happy trails to you.

We Honor You With Food, Respect You With Service

As a guest of Orange County Choppers Café, your safety, comfort, and pleasure are our measuring stick. If you're not happy, we won't stop until you are! We're sure you'll feel the pride with which we serve our customers at OCC Café. 

Have a seat at our table, and let us treat you like family. Stop by for happy hour, events, or daily lunch and dinner specials.
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